TW1 – Twickenham – Timber Porch

Sash Windows, French Door sets and Tailored Porch
Siberian Larch
Double Glazed, 4-16-4mm Argon Filled/ Toughened
Tailored Porch
I will add that we are very pleased with the work and the final outcome. I have no problem with the few niggles on installation as you sorted them very well and I appreciate  some problems can occur, it is how they are sorted that is ultimately important.
All the work is great, but the porch itself is I think is the best bit.  I don't want to play down your efforts on the windows/patio doors but I imagine those are fairly standard for you. The porch I assume was much more of a challenge but the end result is just superb  -  many thanks to the whole team from design to build to installation.