How do I get an estimate?

We offer 2 options:

Email – We can work using sizes and pictures/ drawings of the units required

Survey: We can organise a property visit which is free of charge within the London / M25 area. Appointments are available Monday to Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm and Friday 8:00am – 2:00pm

How long will the survey take?

We usually say around 30 minutes to an hour, although it depends on the number of windows you would like us to survey and how long your chat with our Surveyor takes.

What areas do you cover?

Most of our projects are within the London / M25 area. We will also undertake works outside of this area, but may charge a supplement to cover additional costs.

Have you got a showroom?

We have got a showroom in NW London at Unit 1, Oliver Business Park, Park Royal, NW10 7JB. We can also arrange to visit our prospective customers first to establish their requirements, take along sample windows and photos of relevant installations.

Do you use your own fitters?

We use our own fitters. They are highly experienced in fitting timber windows and doors and will make sure to protect the working area, to minimise the disruption to the rest of the house when they are working.

What guarantees do you provide?

All our windows and doors are fully guaranteed. We estimate a minimum life expectancy of 30 years, provided that they are properly maintained, Accoya is estimated for 60 years. However, there is no reason why they shouldn’t last much longer than this. Many of our jobs are to replace old timber windows that have seen 100 years service and more.

Are timber windows expensive?

Timber windows will generally cost more than uPVC. However, timber windows can easily be made to look as-new with a lick of paint; they can be repaired if damaged and they almost certainly add value to your property. Overall they are a very good investment.

I live in a listed building and / or conservation area, are you able to work on my windows?

Yes, we have a great deal of experience working in conservation areas and in Grade II listed buildings. All proposed works to windows and doors that alter the fabric of a listed building must have listed building and planning permission granted by your local authority. We can supply you with drawings to support your planning application for a small charge, refundable against an order.

Can you match the style of an existing door?

We can match your existing door style or create a bespoke, period or contemporary design.

Can you match the style of my existing windows?

Yes. We are proud to be able to match most styles and patterns with our Classic range.  If you require specific, historically accurate windows, replicating the existing features, this can be done for a higher price. Through modern technology and traditional joinery techniques we are able to produce elegant yet energy efficient replacement windows and doors.

Are your windows compliant with building regulations?

Our complete new windows and doors comply with Document L Building Regulations. New sashes, casements or doors fitted into their existing frames do not have to comply as this type of work is classed as refurbishment and does not require certification. Listed buildings and some properties in conservation areas are exempt from Document L, and your local authority planning department will be able to advise.

Will I receive a FENSA certificate for the work?

We are regulated by FENSA which is applicable to new timber Document L windows and doors.

However, please note that FENSA certificates are only required for complete new windows and doors.  If you have refurbishment work, or if you have new sashes into existing frames, a FENSA certificate is not required.

How long will it take to install the new windows and doors?

Every job is different!  New properties are normally quicker and easier installations than older properties, and it very much depends upon how many windows and doors we are installing. Usually, a full house of windows can take 5 days to install, however we will give you a full estimate and delivery timescales once we visit the property.

Can you replace my plastic windows with timber?

We regularly carry out work for customers who wish to replace their plastic windows with timber windows.  We will work with you to ensure that the replacement timber windows are suitable to the period of your property. Timber has a look and feel that is superior to other materials – something that is always useful when valuing your property!

Is it cheaper to repair or replace?

Repairs come with 1 year warranty and they are a solution in the short term, but may not provide the best long term solution. Our expert surveyors will be able to recommend whether your windows need replacing or repairing when carrying out a site survey, and will always recommend the best solution for your requirements and budget.

Do you offer timber window maintenance?

We recommend External Window Cleaning and Maintenance to be done at least once a year in spring time. We offer a cleaning kit from Teknos, which will help extend the life of external paint, which is exposed to weather changes.

Can I keep or use my own ironmongery?

We have tested a wide range of ironmongery however not all will operate well in time. It depends upon the type of window or door. Our windows and doors are made with high-security multi-point locking systems which can only be opened and closed by purpose-made handles. That doesn’t mean you have to have modern handles however – we can supply a wide range of handle designs to suit all tastes and styles of property.

How long will the paint last before I need to re-paint?

Water-based, micro-porous paints give a long service life and unlike oil-based paint they won’t crack or flake to allow moisture to come into contact with the wood. The actual life of the factory-applied coating depends on many factors, including location (exposure to salt spray, excessive dirt or pollution etc), elevation (harsher conditions on average at higher altitudes) and orientation (exposure to the sun or prevailing weather). Every case is different therefore but solid colours should last for between 5 and 8 years before repainting whilst wood-stains should last for 3 to 5 years.

Is there a range of colour options?

We can supply windows and doors in any colour of your choice. We will ask you to use the RAL chart to select your preference. Alternatively, Farrow & Ball, Dulux or any other suppliers are also available, however bear in mind that these paints will need to be brush painted.

Can I order the windows unpainted, so that I can paint them in-situ?

We advise supply of fully factory-finished products only. This is the only way to protect the unseen areas of the window such as the glass rebate and the outer frame. Any water coming into contact with bare wood can lead to problems in time.

Do the windows and doors come finished?

All of our products are factory spray-painted before assembly and glazing. For the first 2 coats, the windows will be dipped in a paint bath – this ensures that every part of the window, including the areas that you can’t see, get a good covering of protective paint. The final 2 coats will be spray painted.

Can I keep the existing glass features in my new windows?

We are able to remove the existing single glazed glass from your windows and doors and integrate it within our double glazed units.

Will the new windows improve the insulation?

We have implemented a triple draught-proof system that it is very effective and will be much warmer than older, single-glazed sash windows. Furthermore if you choose our Acoustic Glass range this will reduce outside noise levels, starting at 30db and going up to 41db.

What type of glazing do you use?

We specialise in double glazed units, however we can also do single glazed or triple glazed, depending on the requirements, area and building regulations.

We offer a wide range of different glass options for your windows and doors.  Some of the most popular choices are: Acoustic Glass, Toughened Glass and Textured / Patterned Glass.

What wood do you use?

We use a variety of timbers from sustainable sources. The quality of the timber that we use is of prime importance. We offer Nordic Pine, European Oak and Accoya, which is our preferred timber due to its durability.

What happens if I find a fault after you leave?

We have an excellent aftersales service.  Please contact a member of our team on 0207 1000 900.  We will then work with you to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Do you undertake small jobs?

No job is too small and we will do our best to help you regardless of the job being large or small.